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How to Use Short URL Easily

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How to Use Short URL Easily

Make sure you have registered with BingURL. If you haven't yet, you can register here

After you register by filling in the registration form or using a Google account, you will be directed to the dashboard display.

On the dashboard menu you will see a create link button like the image below:

Then click the create link button and you will be directed to the following page as shown in the image below:

Information :

  1. Destination URL : fill in your destination URL.
  2. Short URL : fill in the name of the URL you want, for example https://bingurl.org/test
  3. App Linking : automatically opens applications such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook and others on smartphones, applications that are provided in the App Linking menu.
  4. Temporary URL : this feature if you want to limit clicks and set the link expiration date.
  5. Protection : this feature if you want to provide private access by providing a password on your link if other people access it.
  6. Targeting : this feature if you want to target regions or countries, devices, operating systems, browser types and can also rotate from link 1 to link 2 and so on.
  7. Cloaking : this feature if you want to hide the short URL title and BingURL default favicon.
  8. HTTP Status : this feature is if you want to use the redirect type 301 Permanent redirect, 302 Temporary redirect, 307 Form submissions with temporary redirect, 308 Form submissions with permanent redirect.
  9. Advanced : this feature is to set to your project.

Closing :

Above is the use of the features that we have explained and how to create a short URL That's all from us and thank you for reading Greetings BingURL Network team!


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